“Projector Lift” bracket is a motorized bracket suitable to anchor any type of video-projector to the ceiling. It can be completely hidden into the false ceiling as the panel, removed for installation, can be fixed to the bottom. Its anchoring system allows an optimal adjustment, also in the presence of some level flaws. The 3-position switch allows to rise it, lower it and block it. The anchoring plate is completely perforated to facilitate the installation of various types of equipment. It is possible to adjust the limit switch both when rising and lowering. The “vario Lift HC” has a larger support case, that allows to contain also the biggest video-projectors.

- Extension 30cm . Payload 15Kg

- Extension 100cm . Payload  18Kg
- Extension 200cm . Payload  18Kg

- Extension 100cm . Payload  30Kg
- Extension 200cm . Payload  30Kg

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