ECLIPSE is a new range of motorized shades capable of filtering ambient light and improving acoustics for the ability to reduce reverberation time.

The main task of the new Eclipse is to reduce the brightness in a workspace or in a room with video projection to make the contents that are projected clearly and legible. But these shades go further, the fabric of which they are made improves the acoustics of the environment. It is in fact a sound-absorbing fabric capable of significantly reducing the reverberation time.

This feature creates an acoustic comfort in the environment that improves listening and, consequently, also the intelligibility of speech.

To develop the project, created in collaboration with a professional sound engineer, it is sufficient to provide a few elements such as: the size of the room, the description of the elements and furnishing materials, some photographs. The report will indicate which components are needed to obtain the best possible blackout and acoustic performance.

Sound absorption:  αw = 0,40 (LA=100mm) 
With a 100 mm air blade, the canvas absorbs up to 40% of the reverberation time.

Nuance available:

Available configurations:

Minimal design

Eclipse curtains are characterized by their essential design. They integrate well with different style furnishings, in the corporate, museum, retail and residential sectors. In addition to the side panels available in 3 colors (black, white and satin aluminum), only the canvas is visible whose length can vary from 80 to 270 cm (single module). The side panels integrate the mounting bracket, which allows mounting to the wall, or to the ceiling when rotated 90 °.

Motor's performance:

- silence: noise less than 33 dB;

- speed: the canvas moves at 15 cm / s;

- it is equipped with slow start and slowdown at the end of the stroke

- it can be coordinated with the motors of other blinds to synchronize the alignment.

- it is compatible with Google Home and Alexa and can be managed in home automation mode.

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