New big frame

Base from 450 cm up to 1000 cm. Thanks to the modular system New Big Frame can reach over 40m.

New big Frame is the last product for the professional installations large venue. It differs from others large venue for the following properties:

Fast: New frame with arrow borders. Easily installed thanks to the snap-on fabric positioned inside the dedicated groove, replacing the slow installation of the old eyelet frames.
Smart :5 fixing grooves allow coping with the stretching and shrinking of the fabric.

Clean: No more spots or abrasions on the fabric. Now the placement of the fabric is made side up.

Thanks to a more robust frame, New Big Frame easily reaches remarkable sizes. Frame and arrow shape/borders form a black frame, front fabric screen which is quickly installed, regardless the changes in climate. The 5 parallel grooves, in fact, allow the frame to adapt to the typical stretching and shrinking of the PVC (+/- 10,4 cm).

 General safety norms

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