Inceiling Multiformat

Bae from 203cm up to 305cm

Inceiling multiformat is the best performing motorized screen of the range. The box contains 2 motors arranged one in front of the other which minimize the distance between the two fabrics, one black and the other for projecting. The two fabrics interact and create up to 9 format combinations. The new motors with in-built encoder and dedicated electronic control unit independently operate the movements of the two fabrics. They are activated by the radio-frequency remote control supplied or by any home automation system available on the market. By programming the control unit it is possible to raise and lower the screen and adjust the formats as needed with 5 mm. Precision.

• double motorization with in-built encoders.
• up to 9 customized formats, five of which are pre-set.
• radio frequency remote control with table cover and magnetic wall support included.
• limit switch and new formats advanced control included.

 General safety norms

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