ARENA is the cylindrical screen for total immersion projections. The cylindrical shape makes it possible to obtain a visual surface which surrounds the onlooker, transmitting the feeling of being totally immersed in the virtual environment projected.
It requires a projection system made of more than one projector and an electronic control unit able to create only one image.
A custom-made solution that ScreenLine realizes depending on the customer’s requirements.
Its dimensions range from 4.50 m to 24 m diameter and a curvature variable from 30° and 360°, according to the need.
Thanks to these characteristics, ARENA is suitable for special applications such as flight or driving simulations, control halls, virtual trips in museum paths, video gaming, training courses in simulated environments and many others. Easy and quick mounting: the modular structure takes very little time to be completely assembled.
The inner projection surface may be matched with an additional external one as a blinding surface but also white o digitally printed with images or writings.


• light structure with pre-assembled aluminium elements 
• fireproof PVC fabric and black thick border with eyelets 
• possibility to customize diameter, height and curvature angle measurements completely 
• closing external fabric with digital print, on request 

 General safety norms
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